Feed Industry

We produce low biuret urea and pure mineral salts for animal nutrition

Animals cannot live without minerals. They ensure good physical development and have a positive influence on performance and well-being. Chemelements mineral salts under PUREFEED brand makes sure that animals and even aquacultures receive a balanced supply of nutrients.

Calcium Sulfate 2-hydrate


CAS No. 10101-41-4
EC No. 231-900-3
Tariff  Code: 2833 29 80 00

Ferrous (Iron) Sulfate Monohydrate


CAS No. 13463-43-9
EC No. 231-753-5
Tariff Code: 2833 29 80 00

Potassium Chloride


CAS No. 7447-40-7
EC No. 231-211-8
Tariff code: 3104 20 90 00

Urea, Formaldehyde Free


CAS No. 7631-99-4
EC No.  215-691-6
Tariff Code  2818 20 90 00

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Technical Industry

Our products  under PURETECH brand are used in a wide variety of industries. Whether as a component of pigments,  in tantalum and niobium production, nuclear power generation – they are an indispensable part of industrial added value.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We provide the pharmaceutical and medical industries with high purity vital minerals. Our high-purity salts that we sell under PUREPHARMA brand are used in infusion and electrolysis solutions, insuline and blood plazma production, infant formulas and tooth pastes.

Food Industry

Our products under PUREFOOD brand make food healthier and tastier. Of course, they meet the highest quality standards of the food industry. Chemelements offers you variety of pure mineral salts, like vital potassium and magnesium,  as well as sodium, zink and iron.

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