With more than 100 years of production history we are flexible and dynamic producer of high purity mineral salt.

Celebrating the Past

ChemElements | History

Our history started in 1917 in Uzovka (nowadays is Donetsk) with the production of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate. For more than 75 years the factory was owned by soviet government. During this period Donetsk Fine Chemicals plant became the largest producer of high purity mineral salts in the world. In 1991 before the collapse of the USSR the plant produced over 110 000 tons of high purity chemicals, employing more then 3000 people

Shaping the future

The dramatic events that took place in 2014 in the hometown of our production in the east of Ukraine forced to relocate  our capacities to the new place. The challenges that our company has faced in 2014 in fact became new and inspiring opportunities for our team. They brought new life into the ChemElements. The result is that nowadays a new production is in operation and it is expanding.

The Heart of Ukraine.

View an inspiring video about Cherkassy region – the heart of Ukraine. The place where we develope our production. The place where our production history continues.

We believe in Hard Work and Dedication

Expertise and quality are paramount to the ChemElements staff during production of our mineral salts. The close cooperation with Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Laboratory and Customer Service department as well as with partners, customers and suppliers has made it possible to put ChemElements on the map as а reliable partner.

We love to explore

Product development

For each project, we put together а specific team with expertise in the chemical, analytical and regulatory аrеаs.

We take it step by step


Our strength is that we are аblе to produce а relatively large number of different products in relation to the size of our organization.

on us

Customer service

We work every day on improving our sales process to make customers’ purchasing journey fast, easy and more effective.

The Focus is always on you - our customer, and your needs.

Today our business is focused on three segments: industry, agriculture and consumers. The three customers segments illustrate where we focus our thoughts and activities: the focus is always on our customers  and their needs.


We produce wide range of high purity mineral salts that find its application in numerous production processes. And if there is a need for a different purity of the product, we have the right solution. Our products keep your production running.

Technical Industry

Our products are used in a wide variety of industries. Whether as a component of pigments,  in tantalum and niobium production, nuclear power generation – they are an indispensable part of industrial added value.

Food Processing

Our products make food healthier and tastier. Of course, they meet the highest quality standards of the food industry. Chemelements offers you variety of pure mineral salts, like vital potassium and magnesium,  as well as sodium, zink and iron.

Animal Nutrition

Animals cannot live without minerals. They ensure good physical development and have a positive influence on performance and well-being. Chemelements pure feed mineral salts makes sure that animals and even aquacultures receive a balanced supply of nutrients.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We provide the pharmaceutical and medical industries with high purity vital minerals. Our high-purity salts are used in infusion and electrolysis solutions, insuline and blood plazma production, infant formulas and tooth pastes.


Our  production is located in Ukraine, the country considered to be one of the largest agriculture producer on the planet. Chemelements micro nutrients increase the yield and quality of harvest and help to achieve the best possible results in the fields.


Cooking with high-quality healthy products is a social trend.  We offer High-quality culinary low sodium salts. Our products keep food tasty and make it more healthier. 

Faces Behind Our Success

Our Management

Vyacheslav Leonenko

Chairman of Supervisory Board


Chief Operational Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Our Work Inspires smiles

Our Team

Ilya Leonenko CEO ChemElements

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