Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate

Chemelements offers 6 high purity grades of Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate for technical applications, food and pharmaceutical industry


CAS No. 7782-63-0
EC No. 231-753-5
HS Code: 2833 29 80 00

Safety Data Sheet


High purity Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydratefor various technical applications

Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate technically pure grade

Product code 90181010*

Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate reagent grade

Product code 90181020*

Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate chemically pure grade

Product code 90181030*


High purity Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate for food industry

Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate extra pure food grade

Product code 90182111*


High purity Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate for pharmaceutical industry

Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate pharma grade

Product code 90183050*

Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate Ultra Pure pharma grade

Product code 90183051*


Packaging options

Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate is packed in 3 layers paper bag, with 50 microns primary polyethelen inliner inside. 25 kg per bag. 40 bags per 1 heattreated wooden pallet 1000 kg nett. Packaging in 25 kg polypropylen bags or 1000 kg big bags, including packaging on customer’s request is also possible.

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